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mom and dad, i have great news. is now providing answers families need. siemens. answers. [ music playing ] hello, everyone, i'm ashleigh banfield reporting live in phoenix. it is a huge day in the legal arena in america. here in phoenix, jodi arias' life is on the line. today a medical examiner is set to testify to the pain and the suffering that man endured. he is the victim, travis alexander. also in las vegas, o.j. simpson talking. he's expected to take the stand. he's trying to get a new trial, but to get one, he's going to have to trash his former lawyer. and in washington, d.c. this
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hour, president obama is honoring police officers who have been lost in the line of duty and we begin with twin krfrs in d.c. and twin controversies in d.c. of course, the justice department also being accused of secretly seizing the phone records of the associated press, having done so answering to it. attorney general eric holder expected to face tough, tough questions on both of those issues when he appears at a house hearing on capitol hill about two hours from now. and here is just a small example of the combative tone that exists right now between republicans and the white house. >> i've never seen anything quite like this except in the past during the nixon years. >> i can tell you that people who make those kind of comparisons need to check their history. >> on a different track, eric
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holder is defending the department's seizing of the associate press telephone records. closely following all of the developments as they trickle out, dana baschuck is live on capitol hill for us and our joe johns in our washington studio. do you fa, i want to begin with you, if i can. just released that unbelievable scathing irs report is coming down hard on the irs for singling out conservative groups. so if you would for us give us the headlines and also what the reaction to those headlines has been. >> reporter: well, the headlines in this report is that they were inappropriate criteria used to target tea party groups. that it went on way too long, 18 months, even though superiors knew about it. so it really hits what it calls ineffective management at the irs. when you are talking about looking forward, what is very interesting, ashleigh, already, this morning, republicans are saying never mind who did wrong
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when it comes to needing fired. they want to know about potential criminal violations. this came from the two top republicans in congress. listen to them. >> o.irs' admitted to targeting conservatives, even if the white house continues to be stuck on the word "if," now, my question isn't about who is going to resign, my question is, who is going to jail over this scandal? >> these allegations are very serious. if there was an effort to power to bring the federal government to those they disagreed with in the middle of a heated national election. it actually could be, could be criminal. >> reporter: now this is exactly the kind of thing that we expect members of the house who are going to be grilling eric holder to try to get more information from him on because, ashleigh, it was holder who revealed during a press conference just
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yesterday that there was already an investigation under way to see if any violations of the law happened at the irs, whether, we're trying to find out, of course, whether he's talking about low level employees or seniors at the irs. we expect those questions to be put to eric holder today. >> not to suggest we will get all the answers, so soon, in fact, today. i'm waiting to find out if there will be a special prosecutor on this case. before we do that, today is today, how hot is it going to be for eric holder? he is facing it on a couple of different fronts? >> reporter: no question about it. this is actually one of the areas where he might have some agreement with members of congress. the biggest issue and joe can talk more about this. there is no question that members of congress are furious about most of them about the fact that the justice department did such a sweeping search and seizure of the assocd press'
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phone records. you heard it from democrats and republicans. they are not happy. holder said he recused himself. i don't think that will get him off the hook when it comes to tough questions. >> recusal, yes. still a strong defense. da f dana, i want to go over to joe. he may be defending the seizure of these records. there is always that catch-phrase this is an ongoing investigation where you can absolve yourself from having to answer the specific details. when, if ever, are we going to get details when it is fought supposed to be broad? >> reporter: that's true, ashleigh. there are two ways the attorney general can deflect this. there is as you said that issue of calling it an ongoing investigation. there is also that issue that dana just eluded to, holder
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recusing himself, he was actually interviewed as a part of this investigation a year ago. but the bottom line is holder says this was a matter of national security. now, he's not saying this. but it's our understanding that the leak in question related to a foiled bomb plot involving a plane a year ago and holder says he actually said it quite emphatically two times yesterday that the leak put american lives at risk. the associated press for its part and this has been kind of underreported, ashleigh, they say they actually waited to run this story until they were told that the threat to national security had passed. so we're going to see just how much the attorneyle can answer today, but my guess is we will have to wait to get all the facts. >> it will be like a tennis match between these two issues. toppi
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thank you very much for that. for legal issues on these hot issue, how hot they could come, potentially, from our washington studio is george washington law professor jonathan turley. i'm so glad to have you on the hot seat. as the hot seat, now you are hearing even further plit i politicalization of something that may not be so political. when you start hearing the cry for potential jail terms, the specifically when it comes to the irs issue in targeting of conservative groups, do you see this as going that far? this could potentially end up as a criminal matter? >> ashleigh, criminal history would suggest no one is likely to go to juvenile. this comes up with almost like se ka da regularity. republicans have been accused of this, it is misconduct. it is wrong, it's a violation of federal law.
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rarely do people go to juvenile for it. an interesting analogy, president obama said his first term cia employees would not be investigated for waterboarding people. i assume he doesn't take taxes more seriously than he does torture. they previously have followed this precedent that people follow these orders even if they might be wrong. i expect that's what they will say here. where you will trip the wire, and it often happens in wal washington, is where officials lie. it's simply lying to someone in a federal investigation. that's where people trip wires. there is no indication that is likely to happen here. so the most likely conclusion is no one will be charged if you look at history. >> let me ask you about the other side of this that is what eric holder will have to answer to, if he can, now he is absolving himself of this
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associated press issue as well. when it comes to the -- what the justice department is able to discuss at this point. the associated press is extremely worried about how vast -- and i mentioned this a moment ago with joe john -- how vast this investigation was and the record seizing was. isn't the law very specific that we are so cautious about the freedom of press and the first right amendment of search and seizure as well that you have to be almost meticulously precise about what you are seizing. it has to specifically direct itself to the information or you cannot seize it. >> well, this is one of the most abusive subpoenas i have seen on one of the most abusive searches i should say in terms of all of this information. there is no information of restraint to narrow this i have problems period with conducting these types of spying operations on journalists, but to seize something of this breadth is really shocking and holder's
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comments left a lot of people sort of scratching here head. he made it sound like this was bigger than the pentagon papers. he says people's lives were at risk. you often hear that when the government is trying to justify abuses in under surveillance. but there is no evidence to support that. i think he sort of looks foolish in making those arguments. ashleigh, a little while ago. i gave an international press club on water gate. i said, it's astonishingly how many acts were involved in the articles of impeachment against nixon. ironically, one of the things i noted is obama has not had the same allegations involving the irs. we can now check off that box. this doesn't mean he is nixon. but i have to say he is using powers here. he is accused of abuse of powner terms of hissed a machinestration that raises legitimate questiol --
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of administration that needs to be raised. >> we are seeing this in benghazi and applied to these two issues as well. i think we have a lot to sort out. thank you for your wise counsel. we appreciate your time today. our viewers, you can tune in tonight to piers morgan because he's got a fantastic guests, particularly at this time. the former defense secretary don rumsfeld. we think that piers will likely discuss benghazi. this is coming up live at 9:00. former defense don rumsfeld, secretary of defense. it will be terrific. when we come back, we have a lot of breaking fuse. we have essentially dualing courtroom dramas today where o.j. simpson after silence for years is about to take the stand and break that silence. he says he shouldn't be in prison at all. a lot of people in america don't agree with that, says he
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shouldn't be there for why he's there. he says he deserves a new trial, his lawyer fouled up. on the right-hand side of your screen, jodi arias back in court as the medical examiner is set to testify very graphically about how awful the death of travis alexander was. how much pain he suffered. why that means jodi should potentially die. we are back live from phoenix after this. designed for men's health concerns as we age. it has 7 antioxidants to support cell health. one a day men's 50+. it has 7 antioxidants to support cell health. so you can capture your receipts, ink for all business purchases. and manage them online with jot, the latest app from ink. so you can spend less time doing paperwork. and more time doing paperwork.
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...and we inspected his brakes for free. -free is good. -free is very good. [ male announcer ] now get 50% off brake pads and shoes at meineke. >> welcome book to phoenix, i'm ashleigh banfield reporting live. it is a big day here today. in just under two hours, the next phase of jodi arias' trial is set to get under way behind me. it's the aggravation phase, a two-parter in this process in deciding whether arias should be put to death for murdering travis alexander. the jurors are going to have to unanimously decide if the killing he perpetrated was something quote especially cruel. it would have to be beyond the norm of first degree murtd murders. they are in for an emotional ride here.
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one thing to be sure is very graphic testimony. family members down the line also set to talk in that courtroom. our cnn legal correspondent jean casarez is live in phoenix. we have been looking at this case. you two have done an especially detailed and stellar job in covering the essential questions of this death penalty. most serious death penalty case. casey, let me start with you. it has been an unusual last five day, typically, with ego from the guilt and innocence phase into the sentencing phase in the next day. but we've had a five-daybreak. a lot has been going on with jodi, strange things in that five days. can you get us up to speed? >> reporter: that's right, ash leak. while there have not been public hearings in this case, it would seem from a public perspective it is at a stand still. you remember after jodi arias was convicted of first degree murder, she gave that interview to the local television station
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and said she preferred to have the death penalty. that led her to be on suicide watch. her mother was not allowed to visit her. since then, she has been taken off of suicide watch, but she still remains a maximum security prisoner because of the charges against her. what that means is she is checked every 15 minutes by jail personnel. she is also only allowed out of her cell for an hour a day. if she wants to take phone calls or a shower, that's when that has to happen. when she is transported. she is shackled because of the maximum security restrictions. there was a hearing yesterday here in court behind closed doors. it was a brief hearing yesterday morning. we don't know exactly what went on during those proceedings. we do know the judge has said she is not going to allow jodi arias to give any more news interviews. >> that's a good idea. none of us in this business has ever heard of an interview given
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in between phases like this. it couldtica bto the process. god forbid it causes a mistrial potential or appeal in this case. as she sits in that cell 23 hours a day, that's possibly how her life could end up being depending on who the jury decides to do. what exactly is that jury, when they file into that courtroom today, what exactly are they set to hear? >> reporter: well, they're going to hear some very, very graphic testimony. there has been a lot of uncomfortable disturbing graphic testimony throughout this trial, but since the prosecution now needs to prove that this was an especially cruel murder compared to all other murders, they're going to show autopsy photos of travis alexander's body that some of them they've displayed in court already that are just so disturbing and graphic, it's hard to even describe them t. first witness on the stand is going to be the medical examiner who conducted the autopsy of
8:19 am
travis alexander. he's going to talk about those dozens of stab wounds, how his neck was slit from ear to ear. he is going to talk about the gunshot wound to his forehead. what will be key in this jury determining whether this was an especially cruel killing was how long alexander was alive and conscious during all of those violent acts. that will be key to thissingagg phase. >> the blood splatter shows he spent a lot of time bleeding going around that home. jean casarez, i want to krich switch to you in a moment. i have been speaking to experts, they get a lot of so-called kick checks at the can. they owe owe kicks at the can. they get many jury, many
8:20 am
jurisdictions don't allow. many say what casey reported, if they get beyond who casey reported, then they are able determine this is very cruel, what about mitigating this woman? what about the mitigation of her life? what does this woman have to offer to ask this jury, please don't kill me? >> reporter: you know, there is really a lot of things. there are statutory aggravators by law and then there is everything else. i think no. 1 for the defense is she has no criminal record. i think that's going to be no. 1. no. 2, she has been a good prisoner. there are a couple of things where she's hidden pens and had violations in jail. she has been out and out a model prisoner, i believe. also, there is the aspect of good character. now, when we listen and look at the testimony, we know that she went and she sang the "star spankled banner" at an event. we know she was interested if photography and starting her business of wedding photography. we know she also brought food to
8:21 am
an exboyfriend who didn't have the money to get it. i think the defense will bring this in. what about travis alexander's behavior? we'll see if the defense goes there, the victim's behavior, how he was towards jodi, impacted her, was something that psychologically affected her. post-tramatic distress disorder. you know know they will go there. there will be a lot of things argued for the defense. >> jean, quickly number one on the statute mitigators, does she present the wrongfulness of her action, number 11 of other mitigators, remorse and grief. so far, especially with that exstrord fairly unorthodoxed -- extraordinarily unorthodoxed jailhouse interview, there is nothing that shows she is remorseful or did this or she will let on in this courtroom.
8:22 am
>> reporter: maybe that's why jodi said in the interview, i have no mitigating factors t. statutory mitigating factors, i would think the defense would bring in the tears you saw on the stand when travis' name was mentioned. when the injuries to travis were documented in court. she was crying during that time. one statutory mitigating factor is her age. apparently, that is not going to be available to the defense, but they have to argue i think an argument that she is 32-years-old. she's not 72-years-old. she's 32-years-old. i think they'll bring that in. >> wow, you know, i'll tell you what, i could name a whole bunch of people who would say the tears on the stand were not for travis alexander but were for jodi arias. i think that's what they would get to. they may not get there. let's remember, we're at phase 1 of this second phase, a two-part phase of part 2. i know it's confusing.
8:23 am
thank you. we have other big legal news. it's just one of those days. wow. o.j. simpson out of the public eye, locked aaway in prison for years. maybe no more. he's had no mic. no camera, no posters, no fans outside the courtroom, but there he is back in the spotlight. what will simpson say when he finally gets his moment in the sun? back in a moment.
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>> o.j. simpson under oath. need i say more? you are going to see this live in a little more than a half hour from now. o.j. simpson serving as his own star witness. it is a hearing that he wants to actually create a new trial. he wants to dispense with everything that's happened until now. get a new trial and potentially get out of prison for good. he's only been in there four years. his conviction was for robbery, assault, kidnapping all in las
8:27 am
vegas and what prosecutors called a good old fashioned shakedown of some sports memorabilia dealers. simpson had said he was trying to get his own stuff back. that those dealers had stolen his stuff. at issue today, however; not that. it's whether he was done in by his own lead attorney general yale galanter. sim himson claims he bungled his defense. a lot of people are saying a lot of different things about what o.j. simpson has to say and o.j. simpson will be saying it, isn't he, momentarily, paul? >> reporter: he is going to be saying it. we expect it a 9:00 on the west coast, o.j. will take the stand properly. by the way, it is understood he will be on the stand undirect examination from his new lures. then, of course, can you expect an absolutely furious and bliserring cross examination. you know, prosecutors not choosing to say anything to us when i called over and tried to
8:28 am
get them to say the record speaks for itself, meaning that theically the o.j. was rightfully convicted but today as he goes through those 19 claims for relief leading to a new trial, we are going to hear everything from yale galanter did not fully advise him about a plea deal. yale galanter knew he had planned to recover things. they will say that yale ga lanter refused to admit that drinking could have clouded his judgment and o.j. could fought not have seen there were weapons in that room when he and others packed into the hotel trying to get that memorabilia back. you may recall there were then people in there, many with criminal records, many with conflicting stories, all of them arguing. his lawyer thinks o.j. can sort out the mess better to what went on in there and should have testified in that first trial, ashleigh. >> paul, it will be fascinating.
8:29 am
we all wonder. i know i was one of those reporters who regularly ask for that zwralhouse interview -- jailhouse interview. they were rebuffed for that appeal. he has been silent. not any more. paul you will continue to watch from the courthouse there. thank you, paul ver ma'amen. -- vercammen. in miami, i am joined by jose bias. i watched as yale galanter was in lead care and his local council, we seen gabe grasso get on the stand and effectively support some of the things in a certain way that o.j. simpson is claiming in this courtroom. how common is it for this to happen between a legal team where one actually testifys against the other?
8:30 am
>> reporter: you eknow, unfortunately, i think it happens quite often. you have big egos in the room whenever you have a defense team. sometimes you have to realize you have to check it at the door. you have to put the client's best interest first. so really here is going to be the inner determination by the court who had this client's best interest, mr. grasso or mr. galanter. but it happens very often especially when you have these large egoes at play and cameras watching. >> i know you know about cameras watching. i don't have to remind anyone, you were casey anthony's tomorrow. there is massive fascination on o.j. simpson, maybe not why he is serving or why he may get a few trial, for what he might say. he never took the stand in his criminal case. he didn't take the stand in his second criminal case, the one that brings us to today. does it matter, jose baez what
8:31 am
he says today before a judge or is this really what the public wants to hear? >> well, one, it really doesn't matter what he says. i don't think that this is going to be a successful appeal. and that's because this is really your run of the mill, i had a bad lawyer appeal. however, if there is some type of support to what his testimony is, then i think he's got a shot. but right now, it doesn't appear that and right now, the most important one was, was that plea offer conveyed? unless there is something in writing, it's yale galanter's word against o.j.'s, the issue of him not testifying, there was a colloquy by the judge. the conflict of interest is kind of weak as well. because, you know, can i advice anyone to commit a crime. that doesn't mean they should go
8:32 am
out and do it or that's justification for them to do it. so, a lot of these are weak, are weak claims. however, i think the strongest one certainly is the plea conveyance and, you know, is it what the public wants to hear? no, it's not what the public wants to hear. he's not going to talk about the murders. >> right. right. which is really what is so fascinating to so many of us. jose, if you could stand by for a moment. like you say, you are right. evidence is everything. you got one guy's word against another. one is a convicted felon. that's a tough one to surmount. we are are focusing on a very, very difficult subject. the pain and suffering of this man, travis alexander. literally moments after these photos were taken, he suffered a brutal and grizzly death and today you are going to hear why
8:33 am
it is so important that the jury knows just how brutal.
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i'm ashleigh banfield reporting live in phoenix where the jodi arias trial is set to begin at 1:00 p.m. eastern time for the aggravation phase, it's part one of the sentencing phase mt it's a two-parter. this is when prosecutors have to prove that travis alexander's murder was especially cruel an worthy of the death penalty for jodi. remember that travis was stabbed nearly 30 times. he was also shot in the head. today we expect the prosecution to recall to the stand the medical examiner who performed the autopsy on travis corps corpse. he will testify about the pane he likely endured during that
8:37 am
attack. on day three of the trial, which, by the way, was months ago if january. dr. kevin horn, that medical examiner took the stand and testified one of the stab wound went right through travis' heart and cut a major vein. >> with this wound to the heart, he should have been able to get his hands up and defend himself. >> if he was in a seated position when this wound was inflictedment would he have the ability to get up and walk somewhere or move quickly somewhere as a matter of fact? >> yes. >> so i want to bring back defense attorney jose baez live in florida and bring in our hln earn cot and legal prosecutor beth karas live in phoenix. beth, let me begin with you, if i can. remind us how important it is to
8:38 am
have this medical testimony from the m.e. about the sequence of the wounds that travis suffered. >> you know, it's not so much the sequence of the wound at this point, ashleigh. although the states that theory the stab to the heart was first and all the slices and punctures were in the middle and the gunshot was last t. order isn't critical as the length of time to kill him. the physical and mental anguish is a part of the definition of "especially cruel." and because these photos were deleted, we know the last photo alive and a photo about a minute-and-a-half later taken of him dead with his throat already slashed. so it took a while to kill him. a minute-and-a-half sound like not that long, he stood at the pier roar in the boothroom spitting blood, he was smearing bloorksd drink blood. he had already been stabbed several times.
8:39 am
did he know when he looked in that mirror that he was going to die, how much did he suffer before he was unconscious. >> there was a debate, that is is it possible he was actually shot in the head first and thus maybe didn't suffer? it seems implausible that that kind of a fight could go on, but it was raised? >> yes, the defense wants the jury to believe he was shot first. even if he was shot in the head first, he wasn't rendered unconscious or there wouldn't have been that matter is or smear and drips of blood all over the bathroom if he was unconscious from the shot. which is what the defense wants them to believe. hello, he was all over that bathroom. he was standing at that sink. there was a lot going on, but the blood evidence tells a tale. it seems to show he was trying
8:40 am
to get away from her. he was almost out the door, if he had gotten out the door, she would have been arrested much sooner tan six weeks after his body was found. >> jose baez if you could weigh in here on how a jury actually operates. you can get technical. can you get scientific. you can get an m.e. to testify for six days if you want to. ultimately, these are lay people that look at horrifying pictures of a murder scene that clearly was many feet long and a lot of movement. in their hearts, don't they feel this was a horrible way to day? >> yes, especially since they haven't been exposed to these types of photographs before. they're not in the business of death, so to speak. so they're going to be going on their emotions and the prosecutor is going to be playing on their emotions, hitting home on each and every point based on every injury that was incurred. so that's what the prosecutor --
8:41 am
this is the prosecutor's moment. i think the experience and the style that mr. martinez has, that's exactly what he's going to do. he's going to go right for their hearts, pull on those strings and hit home that travis suffered. however, on the defense's side the defense should have been preparing this at jury selection, educating the jurors that all first-degree murder cases are not death penalty cases and that the death penalty is something that should be a threshold that is very high and that should be, that theme should be continued throughout the trial and especially now. >> and in the end, i don't care how hard your heart can be, we are all human being, not one of us likes to see a purdz scene like that. even the hardened among the investigators, too. jose, if you would stay with us, i'd appreciate it. we are watching and waiting for o.j. simpson to take the stand. beth car remarks thank ykaras, .
8:42 am
i want to take your attention to cleveland where that terrible story the house of horrors, the edetails are emerging, now, ariel castro's lawyers are saying their klein is the human and not the monster that's beenin it. plus, what the man accused of holding those three women hostage for decades is saying about his little 6-year-old girl with one of the victims.
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
zblempblths. as long as twins evan and eric evans can remember. they had allergys. the official diagnosis kail when they were 3. >> we were allergic to all seafood, including shellfish and fish, all peanuts an most antibiotics. >> plus seasonal allergys as well in there we didn't have pets growing up. we were allergic to dogs and cats. >> for them school was a huge challenge. >> we were those guys who had to
8:46 am
be placed at a special table at lunch to try to insure that there was no potential for contamination. we were those weird kids in the cafeteria table. >> with the near constant threat of a severe life-threatening allergic reaction the twins had to have epi-pens at all time. it's a pen-like device that injeks a dose of ep ep neff frin. they thought the pens were too bulky and often didn't carry them. so when they left high school, they decided to invennat smaller, more portable device. >> this was about us trying to take our experience and then develop another option for these million was are at risk. >> they tailored their college classes around the new invention. after college, they started their company intelliject. they approved the injector about the size of a credit cashed.
8:47 am
it's the first to talk you through an injection. >> please block end against inner thigh. >> now as parents themselves with children of severe allergys, their message is simple. >> don't give up hope. know that more treatments are coming available. more research, the awareness is growing. >> dr. sanjay gupta, cnn, reporting. to more efficient pick-ups. .
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8:49 am
he is accused of holding three women captive in his home
8:50 am
for a decade and yet his lawyers are insisting ariel castro is not a monster.ey tl o affiliate an interview that if he's indicted on kidnapping and the rape charges that he's facing, he's going to plead not guilty. cnn's pam brown is live for us in cleveland. and, pam, before we get to that, those incredible revelations in that interview with those attorneys, you do have some new information that you've been getting from investigators or at least connections to the investigation of the way these women were treated during that decade of confinement by ariel castro allegedly at his hands. tell me what you're learning. >> that's right, ashleigh. according to a couple of my sources, we're learning that castro's behavior toward the women evolved over time and that there were varying degrees of treatment toward the women. that amanda berry, who had his
8:51 am
child, was treated slightly better than the other two, gina dejesus and michelle knight. it seemed castro slightly favored amanda berry. again, it's important to note here that they were all treated poorly, according to sources. and that any notion of a hierarchy is really a jump here, that they were all treated poorly but it appeared amanda berry was treated slightly better and that michelle knight was treated the worst out of the three. according to a family friend we spoke with, we were told that michelle knight was treated as castro's main punching bag, that he would use just about everything to abuse her as well as hand weights. we're hearing that from a family friend and that during her time in captivity she suffered vision loss and muscle and joint damage. but of course when you look at what these women allegedly endured, it's really no surprise there. this source also says that all three women were underweight when they escaped captivity. ashleigh. >> it's so difficult to hear
8:52 am
these details. we've seen the video of their rescue. there's no question, pam, that those three young women were in that home and were gone for a decade. we saw the police take them out and yet we hear these attorneys saying he's not a monster and he's not guilty. it just doesn't seem to equate. >> a lot of people are asking a lot of that, ashleigh, how they're going to mount their defense here. because you're right. we're hearing from his attorneys, they spoke to our affiliate wkyc and they're saying castro will plead not guilty to kidnapping and rape charges if a grand jury indicts him on those charges. and they're saying that essentially there's been an unfair portrayal of castro in the media, that the media has wrongly depicted him and that essentially he hasn't admitted to anything to them. we have been reporting of course that castro has confessed to authorities about some of his
8:53 am
actions over the past decade, not only us but also our affiliates. but his attorneys are saying he hasn't admitted anything to them. let's listen to what they told wkyc. >> i think that the initial portrayal by the media has been one of a "monster" and that's not the impression that i got when i talked to him for three hours. >> he is a human being. and what's offensive is that the media, and i don't mean towards you, but the media and the community wants to demonize this man before they know the whole story. and i think it's unfair and just not equitable. >> his attorneys also talked about his relationship with his 6-year-old daughter. they say castro is extremely committed to the well-being and positive future of his daughter. >> that's all fine for the
8:54 am
attorneys to do valiant work in their defense and they should do that, but at the same time it's important to remember that his own brothers and his daughters have disowned him and have said that he is dead to them. these are his own family members who have cut their ties. we are back live in phoenix in a moment. i'm here at my house on thanksgiving day, and i have a massive heart attack right in my driveway. an artery in your heart, it's called the widow maker. and mine was 95% blocked. they took me to the hospital, and the doctor put me on a bayer aspirin regimen. [ male announcer ] aspirin is not appropriate for everyone, so be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. i'm a blue-collar worker. to me, bayer aspirin is another tool. go talk to your doctor. you're not indestructible anymore. ♪ you're not indestructible anymore. you know it even after all these years. but your erectile dysfunction - you know,that could be a question of blood flow. cialis tadalafil for daily use helps you be ready anytime the moment's right. you can be more confident in your ability to be ready. and the same cialis is the only daily ed tablet approved to treat ed and symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently or urgently.
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coming up in just a few moments, we're going to return you live to las vegas where in just moments from now we're expecting o.j. simpson to break years of silence and take the witness stand claiming that his former attorney botched his trial and that he should get a new one and possibly get out of jail. back after this. n a bike that honored those who serve our country. and geico gave me that opportunity. now naturally, we wanted it to be powerful, innovative and we built this bike as a tribute
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hello everyone. i'm ashleigh banfield reporting live in phoenix, arizona. an hour from now the jury that convicted jodi arias is set to reconvene on a whole other question, just how cruel was her murder? we're going to have extensive coverage of the so-called aggravation phase of arias' first-degree murder trial in just a few moments, but our top story comes from a different courtroom in a different state 300 miles away. that's where o.j. simpson is about to tell a las vegas judge under oath why he deserves a do-over. a do-over in the trial that sent him to prison for 33

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